Branded Crowdfunding

Our flagship product, a white-label crowdfunding platform allows our customers to oversee projects created by end users.

The advantages for you include:

  • increased levels of engagement and willingness to donate,
  • improved sense of community,
  • valuable practice of entrepreneurship skills.

Our crowdfunding platforms are used and trusted by universities and non-profits worldwide: the University of York’s platform, branded as YuStart, led to a 33% increase in total donor numbers in just one year.



Giving Days

Giving Days empower people within your community to become your fundraisers and ambassadors, and allow you to raise significant sums in very short periods of time. Through a combination of our social analytics technology and fundraising products, you can:

  • create and suggest appropriate content and messaging,
  • identify ambassadors and distribute materials to them,
  • track their influence and donations from their network.

We’re with you every step of the way, providing both technology and consultancy services to help you maximise income and stimulate ongoing engagement.

Giving Pages

It’s vital for your giving pages and donation forms to be user-friendly and inviting, to take potential donors across the finishing line. We’ll work with you to create modern and responsive pages that:

  • provide an engaging user experience throughout,
  • function smoothly across mobile devices as well as desktop browsers,
  • keep you updated and send automated thank yous and receipts to donors.

We build in 501(c)(3) / Gift Aid declaration functionality as standard, and we keep transactions safe with rigorous security protocols (including PCI-DSS compliant procedures for taking card payments).

Enrich Social Analytics

Our Enrich social analytics software is a powerful tool to help you make progress in a number of areas of fundraising and alumni relations, including:

  • identifying potential high net worth donors,
  • segmenting communications,
  • locating lost alumni (and forewarning you of address changes).

Enrich automatically cleans and analyses your existing supporter, donor, staff and student databases. Using this information (and third party sources), it can identify donors and potential donors on social media and extract vital information about their influence, interests, qualifications, job title and location.