Our donor acquisition solutions


Crowdfunding Platforms

Our white-label platform helps you to engage members of your community, connecting them directly to the projects they care about.

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Giving Day Platforms

We’ll help you to convert new donors and engage existing ones through a 24-hour campaign aimed at donor acquisition and participation.

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Giving Pages

We believe that giving should be an efficient, hassle-free and pleasant experience. We’ll optimize your giving pages, allowing you to convert more visitors.

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Enrich Social Analytics

Our social analytics software will keep track of alumni, identify potential and high-value donors and show you the best ways to get them interested.

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The numbers behind going digital



Fundraising Growth

Online giving grew 9.2% in 2015 (compared with 2% overall). 14% of all donations were from mobile devices.


Social Media Conversion

Of those who engage with institutions via social media, 55% have been inspired to take further action.


Online Communications

20% of donors say they have given online as a result of an email (compared to 6% in 2010).



We build everything with you in mind



Our technology is easy to use and deploy, reducing implementation time and internal training costs.


We know that every institution is different, so you retain control over the process and wording at all times.


Our solutions will fall under your branding, so prospects will always know that you’re in control.



We’ll work with you to help you export data, allowing for seamless integration into other systems.


You can’t afford to be down for a minute, so we offer US and UK local time support.


Our dedicated team will help you to find the package and solutions you need.


You're in the best company

Crowdfunding helps you to tell more people about what it is you want to achieve and it can help to get more people engaged in your work as well as opportunities to be involved with other projects in the future. We’ve had 18 projects so far and 94% of them have been successful.
— Katherine Carter, Annual Giving Manager, University of Southampton



Do you operate in my country?

We have offices in Boston (US), Grand Rapids (US), London (UK) and Bristol (UK), covering every timezone. Our technology also accepts donations in over 200 currencies. So the simple answer is almost certainly.

Our team is small, can you help out?

Yes, we have a professional services team, internal and external, who are experts in implementing and running digital giving programmes. We are there to support you as little or as much as needed.


Do you work with non-university clients?

Yes. Although our main focus is Universities our expertise and technology can be applied to many sectors. We work with a number of non profits, private sector organisations and schools. We love new challenges so do get in touch to see how we can help.

Do you work with consultants and resellers?

Yes. Please get in touch to find out more information.


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