This is what successful crowdfunding looks like


Use your brand to supersize gifting

The average gift is over 40% larger on a branded platform. Your logo, messaging and imagery evoke years of trust and memories for your supporters. Tap into those feelings by associating your branding with your institution’s crowdfunding campaigns, and watch donations soar.



Steward donors with automated emails

Don’t let donors just drift away. Our fully customizable emails will help you to steward your donors, allowing you to send everything from reminders to thank yous at the push of a button.



Motivate ambassadors and donors with social sharing gamification

Assist project creators and supporters to share your projects easily via social media. Our platform tracks every click and donation caused by social sharing and automatically creates a fast-moving leaderboard of the top promoters, encouraging friendly competition and driving up interest.



Convert more prospects with matchfunding

Donors love to see their pledges stretch as far as possible. Promise to match their donations, and they’ll be over 20% more likely to give.




Bring one-off donors into your regular giving program

Pledging money to an exciting project can be the gateway to becoming a regular, potentially lifelong supporter. Across Hubbub platforms, 13% of donors pledge their intention to give to the institution again.



Engage the mobile generation

The world has gone mobile, and we’re there to greet them. Our platforms are fully optimized for mobile usage, including vital payment pages: 54% of pledges come from a mobile device.

The Features Do Not Stop There..


Financial reports

Worldwide payments

501 (c) (3) receipts

Featured projects

Participation campaigns

Project moderation

Social media integration

Hidden projects

Reflect offline donations

Message all donors

Site analytics

Sub sites

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So What Makes Us Different?


Designed to integrate With Your Systems

We know how frustrating it is when systems do not communicate, so we’ve designed Hubbub Crowdfunding to integrate seamlessly with your ecosystem, including popular payment gateways and CRM's.

Built With Fundraising Teams In Mind

Crowdfunding is a vital and emerging way to raise funds, so we’ve built our suite of tools for fundraisers. Whether you’re promoting one project or you want to run a crowdfunding programme to support your whole community, we have the technology for you.


You’re in the best company


University of Oxford

University of Essex

University of York



See how the University of York increased their donor numbers by 33%


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